"I don't battle anymore! I uplift motherfuckers!" - GZA
Wednesday, March 23, 2005,3:10 PM

When once it was mandatory to show all sides of a story to achieve at least the sense of unbiased opinion. It is now considered more important to be entertaining when it comes to the reporting of news. An attitude which makes all forms of "traditional" media seem bland. When did telling the truth become passé? Even worse whenever negative stories are shown they are quickly brushed off as simply reporters "hating" and all dissenter's are more or less labeled "haters".

Time to take a stand. Either join the 85% of the world which is no wiser than cattle. Or think for yourself. Learn and compute simple truths about the world we live in.

1) more and more people who join these religious right movements are hypocrites simply because Jesus is famous for saying "he without sin throw the first stone"

2) Sadly America is set up to worship the dollar. Money can buy anything here from political power to reality TV shows based on your life.

3) Racism still exist as a form of ingrained societal Racism which makes almost all police officers in "Ghettos" an occupying force.

4) half the culture we claim as our own called "Hip Hop" is controlled by the record labels and we only consume what they serve us.

5) The Political powers both Democrats and Republicans have no need of us we must fight out own battles without their assistance

6) The school's where we learn are mental Poison!

7) The consumption of any drugs on a regular basis is counterproductive. To smoke weed or drink at a celebration is understandable but not daily

8) False separation of people created by European imperialism is a lie. On a world wide scale the have-nots are the majority

9) The attempt to make entertainers into political leaders is doomed to fail. Did Malcolm or Martin worry about going platinum?

10) The only way to learn is to do it for yourself. the greatest minds consumed books like Tupac wrote rhymes.

11) This obsession of Hip-hop by the mainstream culture is history repeating themselves. Our Norms and Values have always been exotic to them as long as the inherent threat was removed.

12) Hatred of anyone based on culture is wrong. The only enemies I see or those who deny me my rights through legislation and legal force.

13) The use of Prison as a black and Latino male finishing school is nothing more than the continuation of slavery in a post-civil rights era by creating wealth from imprisoning people.

14) anti feminist lyrics in our music cannot be justified because our women are sisters in the daily struggle.

15) Glorifying the "Ghetto" is beautiful since that is home. Glorifying thug antics and poverty

based solutions as "keeping it Ghetto" is disrespectful to all the generations of our people who lived there and never had that mentality about life.

16) keeping it real is in the eye of the beholder!

17) All forms of ethnic conflict is just a veil placed over the eyes of the populace so as not to notice the inherent difference in wealth.

18) TV is poison for the brain. All it shows is stereotypes to be internalized by the masses.

posted by R J Noriega
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