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Thursday, January 26, 2006,10:42 AM
Justification of Identity politics in America
By Sonia Shah

“To critics who would the say , well then, how does it make sense to talk about Asian American women at all? I would respond: It makes as much sense as it does to talk about white people or black people or Latinos. These racial groups admit just as much, if not more, diversity within their ranks than they have similarities.

In the end, they are historical constructs, kept in place by social and political institutions, in service of hierarchical, racially biased society. White people include poor Irish Catholic immigrants, rich WASPS, and Jewish intellectual.

They are at least as different as they are similar. But it makes sense to talk about them as a group because they all share the same rung on the racial hierarchy, which, in many areas of life, is the most significant determinant of their social status in the United States.

More than their shared language, ethnic heritage, or class, their Whiteness determines who they live with, who they go to school with, what kind or jobs they get, how much money they make, and whom they start their families.”

Along with that here is a reliable breakdown of why the old school social engineers organizations no longer work

by William Wei

It has been castigated for catering to middle-class women who are mainly interested in enhancing their employment oppurtunities....[the organization believes that] it will be the professional, rather then the workers, who will be the vanguard of social change in the United States. Besides, its leaders claim, when it organizes activities that focus mainly on middle-class women, it is merely responding to the wishes of the majority of its members
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